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This activity book is for parents/caregivers of infants through up to 12 years of age

to use in the PREVENTION of child sexual abuse and human trafficking

The activities are appropriate for ages 4 and up WITH parental guidance 



Why do you need Raising PEARLS?

*No matter how many traffickers and sexual predators are caught there will always be more. 

The only way to stop this epidemic is to PREVENT it!

*Sexual abuse and trafficking happens to all colors of people in all cultures & countries, whether rich, poor, or middle class; it is happening right in YOUR neighborhood even if you don't see it. 

ALL parents/caregivers need the tools in this book to PREVENT their children from becoming victims.

*Talking about body privacy, boundaries, and how to say NO, is a difficult subject. 

This book has guided conversation and activities that make it easy and even fun while you

create precious memories together!

*Predators seek children who are vulnerable; alone, naive, unsupervised. 

Use this book to help you PREPARE, EMPOWER and ARMOR your child to PREVENT vulnerability.

*Children who have been through the foster system are especially vulnerable due to their past trauma. 

The activities in this book are especially helpful for foster/adoptive parents to build up their children & develop a strong, SECURE relationship with them.

*Children who are victims of sexual abuse are highly susceptible to continued abuse and poor health in the future.  The activities in this book can help RESTORE their self esteem and

get them on the right path to healing.

Christian activity books in this genre are hard to find for teaching & protecting

our youngest children

This book helps you start out on the right foot with affirmations of LOVE so that

you can remain connected with your children as you raise them to be

Prepared, Empowered, Armored, Restored, Loved & Secure



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