Human Trafficking Educators:

Discount available for bulk purchases of 36 or more books

Predators look for vulnerable children who are starving for attention and support. 

It IS possible to prevent sexual abuse and human trafficking:

by Raising PEARLS: Prepared, Empowered, Armored, Restored, Loved & Secure Children.

Raising PEARLS is an interactive activity book, designed to sit and work through one activity at a time with your child for even 15 minutes each day as you speak using the prompts provided -affirming, encouraging, teaching them about how precious and irreplaceable they are, body safety and more - and listen to their hearts as they respond.  Paper dolls are provided in the back of the book for children to personalize by coloring and building into characters that represent themselves, family members and others.   They can be used in discussing specific real-life scenarios and developing plans together, as well as for therapy if a child has been abused, or just for fun. Finished paper dolls are also available in my shop.


Ever think about changing your name?  Do you wish you could erase your past, or parts of it, and start all over?  I have.  Check out my blog post here: A New Beginning.      

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