Princess has difficulty remembering names and quite often mispronounces words.  Unless you are familiar with her vocabulary and expressions you might be completely confused, like our grown son (Son2) one day, while talking about the baby birds in the nest outside our back door.  

Princess to Son2:  "If you peek at da baby bewd it wiw HUNCHEW down!  Hahahaha!!!" (evil-sounding laugh)  

Son2: "uhhhh okay..." (priceless confused facial expression)

Mom: "HUNKER down, as in HIDE"


One afternoon I was struggling with the new VHS/DVD player we got for Christmas. (we saved our old VHS tapes from when our other kids were little.) I couldn't figure out how to open the thing to take out a VHS tape and put in a new one.  After pressing every button on the remote and on the box for what seemed like half an hour, it finally opened.

Princess said smugly, "YEP, that's wite, Mom. You have to keep twying and not give up." #sassy 

While carrying groceries into the house:

Mom: "you can carry the bag with the eggs and bread 'cause they're not too heavy"

Princess gets excited and in a hurry but still has to hold the wall as she climbs stairs.  She tripped and fell on her knees at the top.  After she got up crying and I wiped her tears and checked her knee to make sure it was ok we went back for more groceries.  On the way back up the stairs I said, "ok, we're not racing.  You can go slow so you don't fall again."

Princess: "Ok Mama.  Go da speed wimit?" :D