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Updated: Apr 25

Having to stay home truly causes us to refocus on priorities that are right in front of us! Especially when family members in your home are sick with Covid-19! Mine are recovering slowly at 18 days but definitely better than they were for the first 2 weeks. The hardest thing is to figure out where to start again!

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and even though my main focus is on my family, my heart still breaks for children who are stuck in abusive homes right now. I recently spoke to my friend at Voices for Children about how they are able to help those children. She said they respond to those who call 911 and they offer therapy over the phone or video chat.

Literally THAT NIGHT a friend contacted me to ask for help for her granddaughter who has been stuck in an abusive home for years. She is now able to speak to a trauma therapist about her situation so that she can get the help she needs, in whatever form that is! Hopefully even to be moved to Grandma's home!

Friends, though the majority of people are loving parents, there are still some who are abusing their children. Their only help is YOU AND ME. If you suspected that a child in your neighborhood was being abused before this stay-at-home order was issued, then don't assume that abuse stopped! Being shut in causes MORE stress, and increases the likelihood of even worse abuse than before. If you report your suspicions, you can remain anonymous! Just make the report (call the abuse hotline for your state - in Michigan it is 855-444-3911) so that an investigation can be made and a child can be saved.

If you are finding yourself more stressed out over what to do with your children at home, you can create GOOD memories that will last forever with them. My activity book, Raising PEARLS is hands-on, walking caregivers through conversation about how special their child is; how irreplaceable. There are projects to do, such as their hand or fingerprints, give them affirmations to build them up, talk about, look at and print pictures of the activities they love (they need to be able to grieve what has been lost as well), their home, their paper dolls for role play, and more. This book is a keepsake that not only gives your child a feeling of belonging and security as a very important part of your family, but also helps them to recognize and stand against sexual abuse!

As long as this Pandemic continues, I am offering to give one book away to a family in need for each book sold. You can purchase a book directly through myself at my website or you can send me a receipt for your purchase from an online bookstore. When I receive notification/proof of your purchase, I will provide a book to an organization that rescues victims from child sexual abuse or human trafficking so that it can be used immediately to aid in the healing process.

You may also suggest someone you know who can't afford but might benefit from this book. Contact me at for more information.

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