During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, for each hard copy (this does not apply to e-books) of Raising PEARLS sold here in my store or at any online bookstore, one hard copy will be donated to a organization who rescues children from abuse or human trafficking.  Please click here for more information.


This activity book is published by Elm Hill/HarperCollins. Although it is sold as an E-book at several businesses online, please note that the main purpose of this book is for caregivers to do the described hands-on activities with their children, including coloring, cutting out paper dolls, creating handprints, etc. Also available on my Etsy Store at https://etsy.me/2MGmxlf


**A special discount is available for non profit organizations needing 36 copies or more to be given to attendees at their educational events.   Contact Genise at hope@genieswishes4kids.com for more information.


WHY DO FAMILIES NEED THIS BOOK?  Predators look for vulnerable children who are starving for attention and support. By spending just a few minutes a day with your child doing activities or speaking affirmations from this book, you will be building up, empowering, developing trust and security with your child so you CAN prevent sexual abuse and human trafficking. Click here for more info on human trafficking and why you need to take it seriously. Paper dolls are provided in the back of the book for children to personalize by coloring and building into characters that represent themselves, family members and others. They can be used in discussing specific real-life scenarios and developing plans together, as well as for therapy if a child has been abused, or just for fun.

Raising PEARLS Activity Book

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  • This book is critical for parents in the age we live now. As the Executive Director of a Children's Advocacy Center in Genesee County, I see children every day who have been sexually abused by caregivers, family, and friends of the family. This book provides the needed steps to help empower your child to know they have the ability to say no and who they can talk to. Jesus' love for children was evident in the Gospels and we as parents and society must guard these precious angels. This book gives you the tools to do that. Claudnyse D. Holloman, Esq.


    As a survivor, Mom, and Nurse I would highly recommend this book! As a survivor I know how important it is to tell someone you are being abused and as soon as possible. That's often scary and confusing! This book helps open up the dialogue between you and your children in a way that is interactive and safe. I will be sharing it with my own children for sure!

    Stephanie Miller


    This book is an excellent learning tool and, as a social worker, I recommend it for any parent.  Denise Davidson, BS


    I bring this book to all my presentations and conversations about what  human trafficking is and how we can protect our own neighborhoods. This book is needed by our young families today.  The statistics change daily. But, I think just one child hurt, taken, exploited and abused is too many. We as a community can make a difference.  No, we as parents, teachers, Pastors, counselors, etc. can’t be with our children and youth all the time. But, we can equip them, teach them to know who they can trust.  When I talk about this book, I just can’t keep it on the table. The time is now to make a difference and this book is perfect for families with young children to middle school age.  Parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, Sunday School teachers, are all using this book to have that interactive conversation with the children they are entrusted to care for. This book is a great interactive guide that the children participate in.  I recommend this book to everyone who wants to make a difference. I love Genise’s heart for protecting our youth. She has a gift that can only come from the saving grace in our Lord!


    Dawn T. Heath

    Founder, Join the Movement Events, Inc. to stop human trafficking



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