This is a colored and laminated "Child" Paper Doll, about 7.5".  The matching Feelings Faces, Mix-up Faces, and hair styles from the regular-sized paper dolls also fit these Child Paper Dolls.  PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR MORE CLOTHING FOR THE CHILD PAPER DOLLS.    Each sheet is 8 1/2" x 11" on white paper, laminated in 9" x 11.5" clear laminating pouches.  Ready for you to cut out and use mounting putty to stick facial features, hair, and clothing onto the doll.  Store the pieces in an envelope or ziploc baggies when not in use (be sure to remove the mounting putty first, to prevent it from hardening onto the pieces).  The dolls themselves can be kept inside the Raising PEARLS book on designated pages if you laminate or cover those pages with packing tape.

Multicultural Child Paper Dolls

Child Paper Doll
  • These laminated paper dolls and all of the accessories are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and should keep for a long time a long time depending on how rough consumers are with them.  However, bending and creasing them will cause the plastic laminate to bubble and eventually come off.  This is "normal" wear for laminated paper, especially considering children will be playing with them, and therefore I will not be refunding any money for them.    

    Also, please be sure to remove the mounting putty from the paper dolls and accessories to prevent the putty from drying.  It is most easily removed by rolling under your fingertip.  

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