This is a list of Organizations who house survivors of Sex Trafficking or who sell/promote products that benefit survivors.  If you would like to add another organization to the list, please email me with the website link and description of what they do so can decide if it qualifies as beneficial to survivors. 

**For more info about each organization listed, click on it's Title to go to their website.

Restoration Place (Housing)

Restoration Place brings the love of God’s healing power to those who have been tragically impacted by sexual exploitation ... restoring the hope that has been lost.        

Restoration Place has a team of board members and volunteers who display a heart for God, a passion for people, and a desire to help abused children. Together, The RP Team works together to put on innovative and fun fundraising events; educates families, groups, churches, and service providers; and, provides oversight for Restoration Place activities. 

Trades of Hope (Product Sales)

We exist to help mothers keep their children, protect them and provide for a brighter future. Women in impoverished communities around the world are forced to give up their children to orphanages to avoid starvation or send them off, unknowingly placing them into human trafficking. We are committed to preventing these atrocities by creating dignified jobs for women.

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